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时事| 2023/2024冬季

在这个问题中, 你会看到我们全面行动的公告, 先锋驱动:卡罗尔的战役. 另外, read about new undergraduate and graduate programs that are cutting-edge and serving high-demand fields. Then take a moment to learn about mindfulness from one of our esteemed professors, 尤其是在我们接近新年的时候.





You might not be able to call 博天堂官方入口登陆登录 a farm club for Major League Baseball teams yet. 仍然, with seven 学生 and graduates joining MLB organizations over the past few years, 卡罗先锋队在钻石上留下了印记. Most notably, four athletic trainers play critical roles in keeping players healthy and productive.




菲比·兰斯伯里(Phoebe Lansbury)与交往四年的男友分手,震惊了她. An undiagnosed panic disorder and general anxiety about her own wellness paralyzed Anna Trenton. And Isabella LaFollette spiraled into a very dark situational depressive episode after an abrupt end to a relationship. Concerns about their mental health and emotional well-being led each to seek out help. 随着去年秋季学期的到来, 每个人都开始在线课程, meeting with graduate 学生 in Carroll’s Behavioral Health Psychology (BHP) program. Nothing remarkable there, except that Phoebe, Anna and Isabella weren’t real people.



探索博天堂官方入口登陆登录校友的故事, 教职员工从F1RST杂志的页面上提取的数字文章. 这些文章可能会有额外的内容,比如额外的照片或视频. 


  • 2021年秋季
    • 加入博天堂官方入口登陆登录175岁生日的庆祝活动! Then read about a unique interdisciplinary research project which utilizes drones to monitor water quality on a local lake. 最后, learn how Carroll's libear arts foundation empowers the path of today's Pioneers.
  • 2021年春季
    • 了解卡罗尔的可持续发展努力, 当你最喜欢的大学变绿的时候, 看看最近的一些集会. These additional learning opportunities for our 学生 reflect the value and importance of a liberal arts-based education.
  • 2020年冬
    • 一个关于韧性、创新和进步的问题. Tour the renovated Education Hall and meet the new dean of the 教育与公共服务学院. Then read about the resourceful approaches taken by the Carroll arts and athletics programs to adapt to COVID-19. 最后, find out how Carroll successfully navigated a turbulent year for higher education in a special 2019-20 Annual Report.
  • 2020年夏天
    • 当世界被COVID-19大流行吞没时, 学生, faculty and staff scattered to the safety of their homes – changing everything except for our Pioneer mindset. Also meet Carroll's furriest friends as they graduate to their forever homes and discover how historians interpret the stories of the past.
  • 2020年春季
    • Join a professor and student as they search for new tools in the battle against killer bacteria, learn about the path biology major Benyapa Khowpinitchai took to Carroll and the artful balance she discovered here, 并记住已故的肯尼迪总统留下的服务遗产.E. 麦卡利斯特40年离开了.
  • 2019年秋季
    • 研究生分享他们选择在卡罗尔继续学习的原因, learn about a unique program that pairs teaching 学生 with middle schoolers and explore the newly-renovated "Bergs" and Charles Street Hall.
  • 2019年夏天
    • Learn how Carroll's health science 学生 are getting valuable lessons in collaborative care on Milwaukee's southside and go behind the scenes as the Carroll Players present "Tartuffe."
  • 2019年春季
    • 探讨当今游戏不足的后果, go behind the scenes of Carroll after dark to see who keeps the University running 24/7 and visit the new collaborative spaces that are popping up all over campus.
  • 2018年秋季
    • 让我们来看看兰金大厅装修的幕后, discover what happens at Carroll during the 'quiet' months of summer and enjoy the final results of (in)sight: a portrait project.
  • 2018年夏天
    • 重温卡罗15岁的就职典礼th也是第一位女总统, visit a 沃基肖 laboratory school where lessons in education are everywhere and take a walk inside the new Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall.
  • 2018年春季
    • Take a walk on the wild side with Carroll 学生 at the Milwaukee County Zoo, discover Carroll's new website and relive an alumns' interaction with Lombardi's Packers
  • 2017年秋季
    • 来见见博天堂官方入口登陆登录的新校长, 探索教师和工作人员的研究,并与Pokey分享最后一品脱
  • 2017年夏天
    • A conversation with Carroll's outgoing president, pre-college programs and Celebrate Carroll
  • 2017年春季
    • 卡罗尔的在线文学杂志, 治疗方法, 音乐治疗项目, 卡罗尔的国际学生运动员
  • 2016年秋季
    • 先锋队大胆的新造型, 在欧洲旅游中寻求文化和谐, 预览迈克尔和玛丽·贾哈里斯科学实验室
  • 2016年夏天
    • 地平线上有一道篱笆, 杰克·米勒的先锋之旅把他带到了文明的边缘, 卡罗尔教职员工暑期阅读指南
  • 2016年冬
    • 头游戏, 我们是否破坏了民主,伪造了生活, 死亡和疾病在卡罗尔的健康科学实验室里

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